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An Optimal Destination for Professional Travels

When some people travel, they do so to relax and take things slow. But others who are heavily focused on their professional life often find themselves traveling or business purposes. Corporate endeavors often require key individuals from different areas to meet in person. An environment conducive to focus and productivity can help these trips pay off.

When you travel on business in Florida, consider a town-home from CLC World. Our resort is more than just a space where you can sleep – it’s a resort where you can spread out, relax, and ensure you are focused on the task at hand.

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Amenities Designed to Make Life Easier

When you’re away on business, you want to ensure your time is well spent. This means getting a location that helps you stay on top of things. Our stylish townhomes offer plenty of helpful amenities like:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: Get the reliable online connection you need for work without having cables hold you back.
  • Large Tables: Once you’re in, you can get setup with ease. Spacious work areas mean you aren’t limited during this important time.
  • Business CenterHandle your corporate activities in an area that is designed with professionalism in mind.
  • Custom Meeting Space: No matter the size of your corporate group, we have a large meeting space that can be customized to fit your needs

Individuals and corporate groups of all sizes can benefit from having these types of amenities at their disposal. We have multiple units to choose from, allowing you to find the right fit for your corporate travel needs.

For Corporate Groups of Various Sizes

Our townhouses come with 2-4 bedrooms, meaning individuals, couples, and small teams alike can all enjoy our comfortable amenities with the perfect amount of space. You’ll never have to worry about having too much space, and you’ll certainly never have to fear not having enough.

Our two-floor townhomes come equipped with kitchens, as well as irons and ironing boards. You could enjoy your morning coffee while making sure you look professional for the corporate duties your trip holds.

Convenient Facilities Help You Stay Focused

Whether you and your business partners are the type who focus better after a good workout or a good meal, onsite features like our exercise facility and gym can meet your needs. Corporate groups want to be able to relax their mind so they can focus solely on their professional obligations.

At CLC World in Florida, we have the comfortable, convenient, corporate-friendly townhouses you need. Set yourself up for success!

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